Photographica World Magazine and Digital Archive

Originally called ‘The Journal of the Photographic Collector’s Club of Great Britain‘ the flagship publication of the PCCGB changed its title to ‘Photographica World‘ with issue number 33.
It has grown from a photocopied A5 document of a dozen or so pages into an A4,  full colour 64 page magazine – and is printed 3 times per year. It contains articles that are a mix of research, personal use, historical study of cameras, camera makers, images and processes.
Most of these articles are exclusive to the magazine and are authored by members and acknowledged experts from outside the club.
PW‘ is one of the main benefits of being a club member and is mailed to you as part of your annual subscription.
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The archive is password protected, please contact us if you have lost your password. Please note that the digital editions will only open correctly using the CHROME web browser.

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Tailboard is the sister publication to Photographica World. It is produced 6 times per year and is available either as a printed version (mailed to you as part of your annual subscription) or as a downloadable pdf. The PDF version has the benefit of having live link URLs, so to view a website from the pages, just click, or to email a contact also just takes a click.
Originally a simple regional meetings newsletter, Tailboard has grown enormously and now contains among its 24 pages, meeting reports, short articles on using classic equipment and member stories and is also a platform for research requests on all aspects of photographica study.

Use the links below to revisit selected articles, including the regular features ‘Digital Dodger’, ‘Trying out a…’ and ‘Past to Present’

Photographica World Index

The Photographica World Indexes available here are your gateway to access the wealth of news, reviews and articles published in the magazine over more than forty years. During that time well over 2½ million words have been published.

Click on each link below to view and download a pdf covering every issue

Photographica World Keyword Search

You can also download an Excel file that allows you to search for photographic manufacturers and models, so you can instantly find out in which issue and page that item was featured

Article reprints

Photographica World has published over 250,000 pages and 2½ million words to date, and PCCGB members can request pdf files of pages from Photographica World.

Use the PW Index data (available here) then simply send the issue numbers and relevant page numbers to James Downs.

Members can also order printed pages – this is a charged service – please contact James Downs for more information.