Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic the PCCGB made the difficult but sensible decision that the annual PHOTOGRAPHICA fair would not take place in 2021.
However we are delighted to announce that Photographica 2022 has been booked for Sunday May 22nd. Please check this page for details nearer to that time as the PCCGB must follow whatever the government guidelines are, and which are subject to change.

Photographica is the United Kingdom’s largest photographic collectors fair and is organized by The Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain. Having grown from small beginnings, a typical Photographica will have around 120 tables offering everything from Daguerreotypes and images, to brass and mahogany field cameras and Leica, through to old and new photographic books, collectible photographic accessories and supplies and tools for restoration. Alongside the traditional camera types and marques you will find more recent areas of collecting interest, including Lomography items, pinhole cameras, modern stereo equipment & publications and plenty of brand new film emulsions for all camera types and formats.

Photographica is truly international in its stall-holders and attendees and is held at Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Hall in Vincent Square, Victoria, central London.
PCCGB members get free entry, but Photographica is open to the public and non-members for an £8 entry fee.

There is of course a club table where non members can view copies of Photographica World and Tailboard, and can join the PCCGB – and get their entrance fee back as a bonus!

Have a look at this video made at the Photographica Fair in 2018 (click image below)