Digital Subscription Survey

A central part of the PCCGB is the production of our two top quality publications, Tailboard and Photographica World. The cost of producing them is currently covered by the subscription
contributions from the members, some of whom are happy to take Tailboard as a digital version which lowers their subscription cost and reduces the cost of postage for the Club, which helps as the postage costs are considerable, and will not be getting any lower.

We have no intention of stopping the printed version of Photographica World, however we do believe that there is an opportunity of gaining an audience of younger/student users and
enthusiasts by offering a ‘digital only’ subscription to the PCCGB, which is more in line with their ‘everything online’ ethos.

We hope to use the Photographica 2023 fair as an opportunity to survey attendees to determine if there will be a worthwhile take up, the idea being that any digital subscriptions will in effect subsidise our printed publications, and give us some guarantee of being able to continue that, long into the future.

Whatever the outcome, we will continue to print PW to our normal high standard.

If we do go ahead with this option it will also be available to existing members – we would appreciate it if you would kindly answer the two questions below so we can get some indication of the preferences of current members.

The digital membership would be the same as ‘normal’ membership, including the benefits of free UK camera fair entry, access to the entire PCCGB website, including the PW archive, and other ‘members only’ sections.
The proposed cost for a digital membership is £25, pa